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ski and snowboard equipment hire
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Ski & snowboard

We in Ollie Moly are taking very SERIOUSLY our part in your winter vacation ADVENTURE.


Every Item we offer for rent is being picked carefuly. Each of these items is being maintained often and properly according to the weather and the slopes conditions (at least after every rental and if necessary also during one), and our EXPERIENCED STAFF doing the BEST to fit each of you with the best suitable gear according to the LEVEL of riding, the NEEDS, the STYLE of the skiing/snowboarding and types of TERRAIN (Off-piste, Park).

All of these AND more, in order to provide you with the maximum support, safety and fun possible.

Did u know? Ollie Moly is the only rental shop in Borovets that offer

GNU & LIB-TECH snowboards for rent.

Our shop, which located in the Iglika palace 2, is open also for the night ski,

means, everyday from 8AM till 23:00.

For more information about the equipment and reservation, please fill up the following form OR contact us HERE or via our Facebook page, and soon we will contact with you 

Rental period

In order to complete the reservation process as fast and clear as possible, Please share with us in the space above the following information:

1) How many individuals are included in the current reservations

(how many kids and how many adults)

2) For each individual included, please mention the following:

       * All the requested items for rent 

          (Skis, Ski boots, poles, Snowboard, Snowboard boots, Helmet, Goggles, Body Protectors, Ski- Snowboard Jacket, Ski-Snowboard Pants)

        * Standard gear (Recommanded for beginners to intermediates) 


           Premium (Recommanded for intermediates to Expert + gear for freestyle and freeride) gear level ?

        * Riding experience level - (Beginner/ Beginner with experiance/ Inter-mediate/Advanced/ Expert) ?

        * Physical measurements - Age, Height(in cm), Weight (in kg) and Shoe sizes (euro size)

        *Any additional information you deem relevant to share

Thanks for submitting! we will contact with you soon

Note: * It`s recommended to arrive the day before the rental period start, for fitting the equipment - In case you choose to follow our recommendation, make sure to set the fitting time with us.
* Please make sure you fully read and understand our terms & conditions, in case of any question, contact us for clarification. 

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