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These terms and conditions are to define the general conditions of the rental of products offered by: Ollie Moly.

By renting equipment of Ollie Moly, the client accepts all the terms and renting conditions of the equipment use, as stated below.

General Conditions

  • The equipment is leased in good condition along with all obligatory accessories stated in an agreement where the return of the equipment is based on the same conditions. The lessee undertakes to return the equipment with all given documents on the agreed date, time and place at the same good condition, certified in the agreement at the date of hiring. 

  • The hirer is fully responsible for the rented equipment at all time during the rental period and it’s not permitted to pass on equipment to third parties.

  • The hirer is responsible for using the equipment on the ski pistes only. We do not recommend going off-piste for your own safety and potential damages of the equipment.

  • Ski or snowboard Equipment must be handled with care as explained by our team on pickup day. 

Service during Lease-Period

Your equipment is rented out in a serviced condition, but if you choose to service it again during the time of use, you will be charged by a normal service fee. RECOMMENDED: To get the best out of your equipment it’s suggested to bring it to the shop for a technical check every 2-3 days of riding. 

Required Documents

Personal ID card or passport - To present only.


At the end of the lease period, we expect to receive the equipment on the last day of your rental time, by 18:00.

  • The minimum lease period is described in our Price list. The hired equipment has to be returned on the fixed date and time. The delay in return shall be calculated as another lease period but not less than one daily lease. If the equipment is returned before the end of the lease period, no refunds shall be paid.

  • ​If you choose to extend the rental period more than the last updated information we received from you, please make sure to update us, not later than 18:00 on the original last day of the rental period.

  • Wishing you good recovery, with a doctor’s note we will only charge for used days.

  • If the rental equipment is not used for reasons of poor weather, closed lifts or other difficulties then price reductions or refunds per day's usage won’t be made .You will be charged per each day’s usage!

storage equipment

We suggest that equipment is stored in a way that theft or loss is minimized. Secured ski/snowboard storage or ski safes. To assure that no confusion is made and wrong equipment is collected, stack singly and away from other equipment. Securing board or skis with a lock is the best solution. Always keep and eye out of the whereabouts of your equipment when on lunch break etc. Overnight storage of equipment must be stored in ski lockups depo or hotel room. Or dropped off at Ollie Moly shop before closing (18:00).

Prices and Terms of Payment

We accept only cash payments.

The lease price is required to be paid at the time of receiving the equipment and when an agreement is concluded.

in case of damage

  • ​In an event of damage to our equipment, please bring it to the shop a.s.a.p. for us to do a damage control and fix any problems that might trouble quality of ride.

  • In case of irreversible damages, theft or breakage. Hirer is responsible for the cost of repair or replacement as by Pricing displayed in the shop.

  • Equipment use on roads is not permitted at any time, if we see our equipment used in such ways we will be entitled to charge for damage.

Final Clauses

All amendments and additional notes of the agreement, as well as all documents, confirming its execution are valid if they are presented in a written form and are signed by authorized representatives of the parties.
All disputes concerning concluding, alteration, execution or discontinuing of the agreement shall be solved through negotiations between the parties, and when consent is unattainable – by the competent Bulgarian court.



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